Adult Electives:

  1. “Choose Joy: Because Happiness isn’t Enough” (a DVD Study by Kay Warren – Ladies Class) Women, a joy-filled life is within your reach, no matter what your circumstances. Break free from your battles with discouragement and depression.- Meets in the Library– Books – $10 Led by Deb Dilworth and Teresa Hellein

2. 2.
DVD series on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation – Today, December 3,10,and 31st -Sanctuary with Dave Haneman

3. “Truth and Lies:The Unlikely Role of Temptation” (a study by Tim Chaddick)
At the sound of the word “temptation”, we immediately jump to the capital-letter temptations that show up as various addictions. But there are more subtle forms of temptations in the lies of success, false identity, and religiosity. The tendency is to trivialize or dismiss these, but their presence may be even more controlling – and more constant – than the usual suspects. Truth and Lies will help group members understand how God uses temptation to reveal and bring character out of them.. (Young Adult study) Meets in the Downstairs Kitchen – led by Laine Hellein

4. “Sharing My Faith: Does anyone want to listen?” When attempting to share our faith with others, we often just freeze up. “What do I say? How do I phrase things? What if I am asked a question?” Struggling with these fears, we clam up, not allowing the Holy Spirit to work through our lives. Tracing the steps of Paul and Silas on their second missionary journey, we will uncover why, how and when to share our faith with those around us. We will discover some very practical help in becoming the kind of witness that God wants us to be. We may even find that sharing our faith becomes the most exciting and fulfilling part of being a follower of Jesus. MPR with Pastor Mark