Adult Electives:

1.  CASE FOR CHRIST – dvd series – with Dave Haneman in the sanctuary .

2.  MPR Elective – We are often plagued with emotions that cripple our walk with the Lord and the expression of our love to others. Fear, anger, stress, depression, worry, resentment all well up within and overflow without. Join us in the MPR room as we consider how to understand these God-given emotions and harness our responses to actions that empower us to serve God with His peace and joy. (Led by Pastor Mark and Dan Aungst)

3. Ladies’ Class –  “Calm My Anxious Heart” by Linda Dillow (Deb Dilworth in the Library.)

4. Young Adult Class-with Laine Hellein in the basement.  “Liquid-Live at five” is a series from the book of James looking at the hearts of people on what they say and how they act. Come join us during Sunday school hour to learn how we can live life and live it for the Lord practically.