Open to men ages 14-100

Cost: $30

Speaker Dan Rabe

Leaving WOLC parking lot at 4:30 pm Friday and returning Sunday around 5 to 7 pm.

Arrive at rustic Camp Forbear Friday night after dinner on the road.  Introductory session Friday night before bed.

Saturday early morning excursion to view the Pa Elk Herd during the annual mating season.

Activities:  Quoits, Horseshoes, Trap Shooting, Muzzleloader Instructions and Shooting, Hiking, Biking, 4-wheeling, Instructions in Survival Skills and Emergency Preparedness, Fun, Food, Fellowship and Instructions in Surviving LIFE.

Sunday breakfast wrap-up session.  Break camp and head for home around 1pm.  Fast food stop on the way home.

What to Bring:  Sleeping bag, appropriate outdoor clothing, camera, Bible, binoculars, ear plugs for shooting and snoring, towels and toiletries.

Do Not Bring: any handguns.

Water and electricity are limited.  Cell phone reception is available but may be weak.  Toilets are primitive.

Questions?  See Gary Smedley or any of the planning committee members (Roger Waite, Matt Aungst, Dave Haneman, Dave Dilworth, Mark Habecker, Adam Hellein)