Pioneer Clubs

The Pioneer Clubs is our Wednesday night program that runs thirty-two weeks during the school year.  We have added special nights and activities including the following: game night, store night, Christmas caroling, Fun Sunday, pinewood derby, and a pal (for the Trailblazers only).

One  of the program’s purposes is to teach the children to see Christ in every aspect of life.  We do this by having Songtime, Bible Exploration, and Activity Time each week.  The children can also earn awards, rewards and badges.  Awards and badges are earned through attendance and Bible memorization.  The reward part comes at the end of each unit when children collect their badget and cash in points they have earned at the club store.

BEGINS: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH at 7 pm. (Pre-K through Sixth Grade!)

SCOOTERS – Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten (Pre-K is one year prior to Kindergarten.)
VOYAGERS – First and Second Grade
PATHFINDERS – Third and Fourth Grade
TRAILBLAZERS – Fifth and Sixth Grade

Pioneer Clubs needs snacks for Wednesday evenings.  (Cookies pretzels, popcorn, etc.) Snacks can be placed in the kitchen and marked “Pioneer Clubs.”

CLUB MEETINGS – provide a safe environment for kids to have fun while studying the Bible, memorizing Scripture, learning new skills, playing games, building lasting relationships, and ultimately learning to live for Christ!